After thinking long and hard about it, I finally decided to create a space for my reviews, which I have shared on GoodReads for years now.

My name is Jeannette, I’m 21, Bulgarian. Most of all I love books. No matter how hard things are, there is always a book to have your back and pick you up. I’m not even joking.
I know that sometimes my reviews can be harsh, but considering how much I love literature, I find it intolerable to read books which are written not only with little skill, but also with little inspiration and actual passion. It seems to me that this the art of writing has become too big of an industry and thus lost the art part.
But don’t be scared! Because I can dislike things with passion, but I can also like and love with even greater passion.

I hope I’ll have a chance to reach to some people, especially ones who share my opinions and want to express their own ideas.


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