“We3″by Grant Morrison

We3(Author: Grant Morrison) + (Year: 2005) + (Goodreads)


Not my thing at all.

A friend told me about this, so I decided “Why the heck not?”. But even just the three issues really burdened me. And, sadly, it was not an emotional burden coming from feeling bad for the characters. It was an “I don’t want to read this” kind of burden.

First of all, I hated the art. I couldn’t find a single thing that made me go “Oh, nice”. I’m not sure how to pinpoint what bothered me exactly. I’m not into manga, so my generalization might not be correct, but I felt like this story had this manga style: too glossy, not very artistic, lacking depth, simplistic. I mean… It does the job, sure. But I would never call it good. So I started losing interest from the very beginning.

And then there was the story. I knew the direction in which we were supposed to go, maybe a shy tear going down one’s cheek, or maybe even a small waterfall. But knowing and feeling are different things. Partially because I could feel the emotional manipulation, and partially thanks to the bad art, I just didn’t feel right. Therefore, as much as I wanted to be sad for the poor animals, I wasn’t. If it makes it easier for you, I can say I did. Because I couldn’t really care either way.

This story could have been built in a much better way. Theoretically, the idea behind We3 is both worth writing about, and could make you stop and think. But the execution is so bad that I just wanted it to end as soon as possible, because I could see it’s not doing the proper job.


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