“ODY-C, Vol. 1: Off to Far Ithicaa” by Mat Fraction

ODY-C, Vol. 1: Off to Far Ithicaa(Author: Matt Fraction) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)



This is a strong contender for the worst comic book I’ve read. I’m not sure if it’s the worst one, but if I went back an ranked them, and this was not it, it would not be for the lack of trying.

The story, all on itself, seems like it could somehow work out: female Odyssey (Odyssia, to be precise) in space, shortly after the war in Troiia, is trying to fly home to Ithicaa while the gods are throwing obstacles in her way.

I mean… It has possibilities?

However, this comic book has one single positive side: the colors. They are very vibrant, out there and bordering with psychedelic imagery. That’s it. That’s all the compliments I can give for this volume.

Here’s a list of what I hated about it (which is everything else):

  1. All men have been wiped out of existence. Except for one. Ergo, we have to witness an unnecessary amount of boobs, vaginas, baby-birthing, and all things that should be private, but are shown in this comic book, because it has nothing to offer, outside of shocking images. This includes penises. There is one man, so obviously, we MUST see his penis. No, not really. I didn’t have a particular need for that.
  2. There is a very ridiculous system of women and women who can impregnate themselves, who are other beings, created in a lab. It’s a society in which everyone is a woman, but for some reason, some women have beards? And there are mouths everywhere? Like a serious oral fixation? (images at the bottom)
  3. I did say that it’s colorful, huh? Yeah, well, there’s colorful, and there’s I-ate-some-paints-and-then-fell-sick-and-puked-them-back-out. As in a mess of images, colors, explosions, vaginas, mouths, mouths, more mouths, blood, intestines and tits, and you’re not really sure what you’re looking at. (Sometimes that’s a mercy.)
  4. There’s no actual plot. They tried to create a space Odyssey, but failed to include the story. Some things happen, there’s no narration, the characters barely communicate, there are almost no dialogues, what is in fact written is random gibberish.
    I scrolled randomly an stopped at a random page and this is all the text there was in that page. It’s like this in every page:

    • “Something you must understand,” says the wizard, “Is my star is nothing like yours. This is a thing made for wishing by magicks that only a titan as I could conceive.” “What do you mean?” asks Odyssia.

  5. The entire comic book has NO point, whatsoever. You can take a look at the Goodreads page and how no one actually got what they were reading, because there was nothing to get. This entire comic book is an ego masturbation born out of lack of any good ideas. There’s nothing stylish, or provocative, or imaginative in this book.  It’s, in fact, so dull, that they are urged to throw everything gross, disgusting and unnecessary they have in a futile attempt at keeping the reader’s attention. “This episode has no point. There’s no idea. Oh, damn, what do we do? Here’s some bloody boobs. What? Not enough boobs? More boobs? So, do we have your attention?”

And lest you think that I’m exaggerating or making this up, here’s some pictures for your viewing displeasure.

NOTE: EXPLICIT AND POSSIBLY SPOILERISH ILLUSTRATIONS. (that is to say that this thing barely has a story, but there might be parts of what there is below.)




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