“Sandman Special #1: Orpheus” by Neil Gaiman

Sandman Special #1: The Song of Orpheus(Author: Neil Gaiman) + (Year: 1991) + (Goodreads)


This was pretty cool.

I know that I should have probably stated with the original Sandman, and then gone to the specials, but I found this, and saw no reason not to go ahead. Considering that it’s not tightly related to Morpheus, I don’t think that I missed out on anything.

Note: Even though I hadn’t read the Sandman comic books, a couple of years ago, while binge-reading Neil Gaiman’s works, I did read a script for a Sandman movie. Keeping that in mind, I might not be explicitly familiar with the story, but I am more or less familiar with some of the characters from the script, and of course, with the rest from mythology.

I really liked this short story about Orpheus and Eurydice. It seemed kind of a random starting point for my adventures into the Sandman world, but then again, it was a pretty cool read.

What really bothered me, and this is actually pretty hilarious, was the style. Everything was good, except that… even in mythology, they were devastatingly 90’s, or even 80’s. The hair of all of the characters seemed so out of place that I, as a reader 20+ years later cringed at basically every illustration. It might seem mean to judge, considering that the comic book does belong to that period. But… no.


Most of all, Edward Scissorhands over here:


As far as the story goes, it’s a very sad one, of course, and also quite revealing as to the personality of Morpheus. His relationship with his wife and son was a very unpleasant one to read, and testified to the fact that he is not so much a deity, as he is a force of nature, of sorts. And one that doesn’t really comprehend human emotions.

However, I had two favourite scenes in this book. One was of Orpheus meeting Death, which was just so… well, cool! Him, in his Thracian outfit, and her, as a 90’s punk rock chick. And then there was one of the final scenes, that of Orpheus meeting the Bacchante. I don’t even know what that was supposed to be, but it was unexpected, gruesome and creepy, with a spoonful of gross.


2 thoughts on ““Sandman Special #1: Orpheus” by Neil Gaiman

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    SOOOO many people have told me that I need to read ‘Sandman.’ I have a little experience with Neil Gaimen and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read. Maybe I just need to jump in and give it a try. However, I appreciate your warning me about the retro looks.

    Also, I’ll be laughing about the Edward Scissorhands thing all day :).


    • jnikolova says:

      I felt like this was one of those comic books that you HAVE to read. Kind of like “Watchmen”. Every time I’d say I like comic books, someone would reply “So what do you think about Sandman?”. The good part is, so far, it looks promising.

      I kept thinking about it ALL the time! I don’t know who “borrowed” the idea from whom. The movie is just a year younger, but I will give the creators the benefit of the doubt.

      Liked by 1 person

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