“The Strain, Vol. 1” by David Lapham

The Strain Volume 1(Author: David Lapham) + (Year: 2012) + (Goodreads)


*** 3.5 stars ***

This comic book was definitely a pleasant and unexpected surprise! I’ve been hearing about the show for years, ever since it started. But it came out at a point when I didn’t want to watch anything new, so I was cautious.

I’m so glad that I have the book a chance. It was really nice, interesting, well illustrated, and with so much potential.

The story itself is nothing too astonishing, in terms of mythology. As in, it doesn’t come up with a completely unknown type of villain/monster/creature. It’s the one and only – the vampire.

What is very well done in The Strain is the twist to the already famous tale of vampires and bloodrinkers. It creates its own folklore, tied to the existing one. In this case, this being the first volume, we could not see the full span of the myth. What was there was interesting and good for me. Although, and I am saying this right now, not having read anything further, I can see how this story can go wrong. When you are reimagining something already existing and famous, there’s not a lot of room for error, because it’s very easy to end up with something ridiculous.

The art was also cool. The good thing about it was that although it was not too complicated or detailed, it fit the story in a way that it gave everything the reader needed and didn’t distract from the plot itself, which is very rich on its own.

Character-wise, I only had a vague feel of the people. I liked the introduction of almost all of the characters, the exception being Nora. From her very first scene I was just put off of her. The others have room to be developed but at least they started in a good way.


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