“Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour” by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour (Scott Pilgrim, #6)(Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley) + (Year: 2010) + (Goodreads)


Finally writing this review!

I think Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour is a pretty good conclusion to the series. After the events of the last volume Scott hit rock bottom and his state was not much better at the beginning of this volume, not to mention that he was a total creep, especially with Knives.

The other thing, which I thought was cool, was the fact that things with Envy were resolved, as she was maybe the only villain/anti-hero that concluded their story-arch in an amicable way with the heroes. I was also impressed how the narrative slightly changed. Up until this volume everything around Scott was described more or less the way HE sees it, but here we were able to see that Scott is maybe not the most reliable narrator after all. Which made me like Envy more than I expected!

This takes me to the battle of the two Scott’s. Even though this book is mostly fun, I can’t not see how there are some pretty accurate descriptions of emotional states, which through the magic of comic books are instead made into reality. In this case I am referring to the fact that Scott had such a strong inner battle for staying sane and not be overcome by sadness/depression/etc. that it actually manifested and it was the power of love and hope that helped Scott defeat it.

The point of the volume, the showdown with Gideon, was a little underwhelming, simply because he was described as too formidable an enemy in all previous volumes. However, I loved the story with the cat, especially the one panel where Scott cuddled the cat! Another thing that I appreciated is how they went back to Scott winning a life in one of the previous volumes, as at the time I read it, I was really hoping it would not be forgotten later on.

Overall, this has been a great series and I am glad I read it!

Thanks to my comic book guru, Mateusz, for recommending it.


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