“Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together” by Brian Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Scott Pilgrim, #4)

(Author: Brian Lee O’Malley) + (Year: 2007) + (Goodreads)


The tendency of me liking Ramona started only in volume 3 and in this one I am already a fan. My main issue with her was the fact that I simply dislike over-idealized characters but as the story unfolds she becomes more and more human and normal. A proof to that is the fact that details were actually provided about her. Like her age…

I liked the Lisa storyline because I was actually curious about her. I love it how the Scott Pilgrim series are not even trying to be mysterious as horror or superhero books do and yet they leave some question marks which, however, get resolved when the time is right and not important issue is just left like that.

This book presents my least favourite evil ex, but it is good in other ways. I absolutely loved the scene where Ramona made Scott hide in her bag. Seriously, COME ON, it’s hilarious. I love her. (I can’t believe I said that.) And the death of the evil ex (I’m treading carefully, give me credit) was also funny, a bit of a contradiction to the apparent seriousness of Scott getting the sword.

Wallace, though. I don’t like Wallace. I know he is one of the biggest sources for humor, but he is not my type of character. He is kind of mean and snotty with his entire behaviour, and yet he is presented as the person that just about cares about Scott the most.


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