“Saga, Vol. 5” by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Volume 5

(Author: Brian K. Vaughan) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


This was definitely a more action-packed volume. From the hunt for the cure for the Will to the crazy space ISIS.

I definitely liked the fact that Ghus was there a big part of the time, though I did worry that he will become a victim, once he has received so much attention. The chemistry of the entire Prince IV-Marko Team was interesting, especially the scene with Marko and Yuma.

Team Gwendolyn, annoying as always, had some mixed moments, because I actually did manage to laugh during the dragon semen quest.

The cutest moment was a tiny one that some may have missed, but it was at the very beginning when Hazel mentions Barr. I have no idea why this is getting me so hard. I find it super sad.

Unexpectedly, I have settled with the idea that between Alana and Marko, I dislike Marko more. At the beginning he was the sane one but that has since changed and he has become sappy and unbalanced. This volume being the proof of that.

I really enjoyed the conclusion of this volume, though. Several stories were tied up neatly, especially the ISIS in space, aka a radical group not opposed to killing innocents. Quite the contrary, actually. The end of that specific story was just so satisfying.

This review is a bit of a mess, sorry. But having said almost everything in detail before, I have only small observations to add.


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