“Saga, Vol. 3” by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Volume 3

(Author: Brian K. Vaughan) + (Year: 2014) + (Goodreads)


If you have followed my reviews of The Wicked + The Divine, you know how my attitude toward the art has gradually changed from pure love to pure hatred. Saga presents no such problem. The art is and remains fantastic. I love Fiona Staples, she is great and what she does, and I also love whoever decides whether the artists stays or goes, because if they changed her or mixed the styles, I would be angry.

So, in this volume there were a lot of romances and domestic bliss. I liked it in the entire scheme of events, but as a volume, it was not the best in the series. Too many couples were trying to happen, including the two journalists, who I hate a lot, especially… the blue one, and Gwendolyn and the Will, who I hate even more, especially Gwendolyn. I am still waiting for the moment someone will kill her. She is a bitch, through and through. I felt bad for the author and consequentially, for Marko’s mom. But I am glad Marko and Alana are back on track, though I can’t not admit that the scene where she was “praying” in front of Marko’s mother was just wrong.

Now, to return to the journalists, I feel like they are two of the most useless characters in the series. I know where their stories tie up with those of the rest, but I still strongly dislike them because they are just bad people, not because they are written bad or anything of the sort. Same goes to team The Will. I hate everyone there. Even the little girl is totally not right in the head.

Overall, an enjoyable volume, which luckily opens the door to the next, better one. 



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