Day 2: “Batgirl, Vol. 3: Mindfields” by Cameron Stewart

Batgirl, Vol. 3: Mindfields

(Author: Cameron Stewart) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)


This is the first and, so far, only series that I have followed through, and at the beginning, I was extremely excited. (Review of Volume 1) Then Volume 2 was so-so. And then… this happened.

I am really disappointed with Mindfields. I rated it higher than I actually felt like, because I am aware that it is not such a bad volume, it is only bad in comparison with the previous ones, especially the first volume, and therefore, I am more let down than I would have been if I had started with this, or something of the sort.

What I did not like about Volume 3 was that ultimately, it felt like the company has moved on from this version of the story and they are just in a rush to tie all the loose ends. The characters’ personalities were not compelling at all, the villains were totally whatever. The last issue was a HOT MESS. It was just a random pile of crap they wanted to add but could not tie to one another. I felt like I have missed pages – so big was the gap from one story to another.

The art was nice, I will agree to that. But even in that aspect, there was a sense of randomness in the entire thing.

Why, oh why, did you do this to my Batgirl?

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