“Bitch Planet,Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine” by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine

(Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


Ha ha ha. I can’t  believe the time for me to review this finally came. You know, considering the fact that I read it half a year ago and I kind of never found the time and motivation to write this review. Except that now it is exam time, so of course there is time to write random reviews. Uh-uh.

When I was introduced to the story of Bitch Planet by my comic book guru, I thought “That sounds so cool!” Yeah… about that.

It was too much for me on so many levels. So much, in fact, that I once fell asleep while reading it.

Bitch Planet is very harsh, kind of vulgar and trying to be hardcore, while failing to a certain degree. I swear, I have never in my life seen so many boobs. Even if I look at mine 50 times a day, I would still not see as many boobs in a day as there are in Bitch Planet. And do not be fooled into believing that those are boobs from hot sex scenes. They are just random boobs. Everywhere. Night of the Prison Beewbs.

The overall feel of the characters for me was disappointing. I could care less for all of them. They were all depicted as tough bitches with basically no personality traits, aside from that. They were their toughness and their respective looks to set them apart from one another.

And my problem with the story was that as cool as the idea is(and can still become), it wasn’t clear what it was trying to be. Is Bitch Planet a thriller? Action? Horror? Some weird mix of Andy Warhol and noire detective novel? All of the above? What?

But the art was overall undeniably pretty. It had a charm and a grit that I did appreciate. (But too many boobs.) And as much as this was an unsatisfactory first volume, it could possibly serve at least as a good stepping stone for the continuation of the series, which I am kind of looking forward too, because I have put this on my lookout list and I do believe there is a future in this story. (God… I say this every time. I am too big of an optimist. Eek.)


3 thoughts on ““Bitch Planet,Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine” by Kelly Sue DeConnick

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    This is kind of disappointing. I loved Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work on ‘Captain Marvel.’ She gave us such a strong, dynamic, engaging female character in her vision of Carol Danvers and created a layered and intriguing supporting cast to match. I guess I’ll skip ‘Bitch Planet’ and go reread Captain Marvel’s ‘In Pursuit of Flight’ or ‘Higher, Further, Faster, More’ again. Thanks for the review! And thanks for the optimism too! I’m with you there :).


    • jnikolova says:

      I have heard great things about Captain Marvel and I still think I might read it sometime in the future, but so far out of the two volumes that I have read from DeConnick, I am majorly disappointed. Both have been too weird and overall not enjoyable for me. Have you read Pretty Deadly by any chance?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Michael J. Miller says:

        I haven’t – the only thing I’ve read by Kelly Sue DeConnick is her run on Captain Marvel? Is ‘Pretty Deadly’ also disappointing then?


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