“Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him” by Robert Kirkman

Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him

(Author: Robert Kirkman) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)




I read this a couple of days ago and if I had rated this then, it might have gotten 4 stars. Writing the review now, I feel further away from the story and not that impressed by the memory of it.

I have had this for almost half a year, but my main motivation to finally read it, was the fact that I saw the TV show trailer and it looked very promising. I am still looking forward to the show and I do plan to continue reading this when the next volume comes out.

The art was pretty good in Outcast. I definitely enjoyed it. It was as dark as the story itself and at moments equally as confusing. There was also a large dose of the creep factor, even though not nearly as much as in Wytches which is still my favourite graphic novel.

The story itself was set very nicely, things were made to connect to each other in a way that made sense and the characters actually had a point to them, in terms of the events.

So then… what did I not like about it?

Well… for the most part, I simply could not get in line with the characters. I didn’t have too much of sympathy for them, I wasn’t too interested in them and I didn’t feel a specific urge to find out what happens to them later on. I accepted them and their fates with a detached curiosity which is what makes me want to read the next volume too. Long story short, the narration and events fold out nicely but character-wise there is more to be desired.

The two characters which actually interested me were the two villains, one of whom was barely shown and loosely described. The Devil character was obviously easier to figure out, but nonetheless, he was as creepy as was desired from him by the story so that was still a definite plus.

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