“A Robot In The Garden” by Deborah Install

A Robot In The Garden

(Author: Deborah Install) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


“Now, I have to admit that the idea of traveling across the desert in a Dodge Charger with a retro robot and a radioactive sausage dog is not something I would have imagined myself doing. But life takes us in peculiar directions sometimes, and on those occasions the only thing to do is give it a high-five and roll with it. 

That is basically a summary of both the events and the mood of the book.

A Robot In The Garden is an extremely adorable and endearing book about the friendship between a sad man and a small, old broken robot.

When I read the description I was not totally sold, I expected to even be disappointed and/or bored. None of which happened. I really like this sweet and very positive story of friendship, love and adventure. 

Another thing that impressed me was the fact that instead of going great lengths to manipulate our feelings, the author played it cheerful and without too much excessive drama. There were surely sad and negative events, but even they had a tint of hope and optimism and I really liked that. No low that the characters reached was too deep for them not to be able to come out of it.

The two main characters, Ben and Tang, were a great duo. I enjoyed their relationship so much, I had many “Awww” moments and I also laughed a lot during their adventures. Not to mention that I found it the best thing ever when from friendship they moved more to a father/son type of relationship and that opened way for so many amazing events, like Ben buying Tang a wardrobe so he can hide from the witches on Halloween. Adorable!

My favourite secondary character was the abovementioned radioactive sausage dog. You can’t get any cooler than a hitchhiking radioactive sausage dog. That is not to say that the dog could talk or anything like that. It was just cool.

I found everything about the A Robot In The Garden very refreshing and cheerful and cute. It was a great feel-good book that I recommend to everyone, especially people who are feeling down.


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