Liebster Award Nomination!


First and foremost, I’d like to thank MyComicRelief for this great honor! This is very special to me not merely because it’s a nomination for something good, but because it makes me feel like the things that I write, things that matter to me, have also meant something to some degree to someone else as well. Thank you so much, Michael!

Now, to back up:


I have been blogging for a little more than a year, and as fun as it has been, for a very long time I was my only audience. Which made it so much more exciting to start seeing visits from far away countries and likes from strangers who thought what I had to say was even remotely cool. So thank all of you, guys, too! 🙂

The Liebster Award goes back to 2011 and is a way to recognize new blogs that are just starting out and have yet to amass a huge following.  For me, one of the most special things about the award is those nominated then have to pass it on, to other blogs they consider to be deserving .  It intentionally takes the format of a chain letter or something like that and turns it into something wildly worthwhile – a way to honor and celebrate talent.  I’m all for paying things forward so I think this is fantastic!

Another amazing thing I’ve encountered since entering the blogging community is how excited, supportive, and accepting everyone is.  I find the great delight I take in reading other’s work is by far the rule, not the exception.  The fact that this award grows out of that is a beautiful thing.  I can’t adequately express how honored I feel to have been recognized in such a way, especially for being so new to this.

With the award, each nominated blogger is asked to answer questions about themselves (questions posed by the one doing the nominating) so we can all learn a little bit more about each other along the way.  So it’s not just about recognition but building community too.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about the rules.  According to what I’ve learned through my nominations (and a little web research) the nominated blog must:

1)  Thank the blogger who nominated them.

2)  Answer the eleven questions they gave you.

3)  Nominate up to eleven other bloggers yourself (the rules vary online, ranging from saying the nominated blog should have < 200 followers while some say < 1,000.  I tried to stay around the 200 mark.

4)  Let those other bloggers know in a comment on one of their pieces that you’ve nominated them.

5)  Provide those bloggers with eleven questions of your own for them to answer.

6)  Lastly, it’s considered good form to post an image of the award too.

Once you’ve run through those steps, you’re a Liebster Award winning blog!

And here goes my Q&A:

1)  What is one of your earliest/happiest book-related (be it comic or otherwise) memories?

I happen to be one of the lucky ones because I remember my first book and I remember how happy I was to have learned to read. It was The Wizard of Oz and I was 5 and loved stories even then. My mom used to read it to me until we decided that it was time that I read it on my own. And I did and I felt like the coolest kid in kindergarten.

2)  Is there an author you’ve found whose work resonates deeply with you?  Why do you connect so with what they have to say?

Actually, I try not to read too many books by the same author, especially consecutively.  There have been moments when I have failed spectacularly at this, of course, and I have been sad about it. But there is one author that goes against all of that and he is Haruki Murakami. I feel very, very foreign to Japanese culture. No matter how much I read about it, it is still like a different planet. But there is something that resonates within me all the same and that is just the ridiculousness of life as seen and described by Murakami. I connect with that view on a very deep level that I sometimes find hard to explain to myself too, but the fact is that it seems crazy and totally sane at the same time.

3)  What is the point of literature (again, comic and/or otherwise) in your life?  What do you get from reading?

To inspire, I think. Literature should not only be a way to escape to a better world, but to want to change yours into that one. It makes me feel inspired to do things that I might otherwise not. And to act in ways that have not been created in my by my family, or my friends, or my environments. I think reading has made me more idealistic, more compassionate, more unwilling to just accept the flaws of the world.

4)  Why is your blog focused on the topics you’ve chosen?  If you can write about anything, why this?

Because I feel the best when I write about literature. And I adore literature, be it novels or comic books, it’s just the beauty and creativity of it that makes me want to pitch in, to express my thoughts and share them.

5)  Do you hold yourself to any sort of schedule as a writer (for example, you must write a little every day or do a post every week) or do you just write when you feel so moved?  Why is this your chosen path?

I review everything I read. Sometimes I have more time and sometimes not, so I review everything soon after I read it and I schedule the reviews so that they are evenly spaced in a way that I am not missed too much. 😀

6)  What role do you think illustrations play (as always, speaking in regard to comic books specifically or other forms of literature as well) in telling a story?

See, recently that has been a fast developing passion of mine. I do see why some people have a so-so view of comic books, because less is being said, but then why would movies even exist, if visualization was not  needed at all. I think that illustrations add so much and make such a difference. They set the atmosphere as the writer means it, rather than the way we feel because reading is deeply connected to our personal mind set, but sometimes that can even hurt a book, if we are just not in the right mood. Comic books allow you to experience the writing in more levels and feel it the way the creators wanted you and since that is intentional on their part, it should not be lightly dismissed.

7)  Name one story (however you’d like to define that term) that’s been important to your life and discuss why.

Harry Potter. Because it has been in my life for a really long time and has influenced deeply my perceptions of right and wrong, of values, faith and dreams. It has taught me lessons that are now forever a part of me.

8)  Name one character you’ve encountered that’s been particularly important to you and discuss why.

I’m sure that there are more, but one that comes to mind right at this very instance is the New 52 Batgirl. Because she is a fighter, she is a hero, and she is also fun and warm and nice and smart. I like characters who can preserve their goodness and friendliness even while saving the world, instead of being gloomy and closed off. In a completely real life scale, it makes me feel like I can be hard working and yet also strive to be nice and open to people, as much as I can(sometimes less so than others).

9)  I’ve always felt that writing is important.  But, given the many, many options for sharing your thoughts and opinions in the Internet age, why do you write as opposed to vlogging or simply tweeting or sharing music or any of the other options out there?

Because I believe that in order to express the things I feel properly, I should always give good and fair examples. It is too easy to become a character in “Mean Tweets” if you do not explain your opinion with actual arguments. And I also think that without that, I cannot stand behind my opinion. If I just say “Ugh, this book #sucked.” I am not proving that my opinion even has a base of any sort.

10)  Has there been anything challenging about blogging since you’ve started writing for an online audience?

The idea of an audience is a challenge all on its own. I write even when I don’t know if there is anyone who is reading, but that can feel very private. And since what I write is indeed my private thoughts, I sometimes think that I might be oversharing, but I continue doing it because I want to provide the best possible background of my thoughts and opinions and be fully open about it, which includes sharing a lot about myself too.

11)  Lastly, what have you found to be the most rewarding part of blogging since you began your writing venture?

It is just the idea that someone, somewhere is aware that you exist and that you have a voice. I think that it is beautiful no matter who it is connected to. Just this notion that there will be someone to read your thoughts and sometimes even approve of them. That is lovely.

My nominations go to:


Bec’s Bookshelf

Erika in Bookventureland

Nika’s reading list

The Psychotic Nerd

And your questions:

  1. What was your motivation to start a blog? How did it occur to you and why did you decide it was a good idea?
  2. Can you describe your favourite book and what makes it special in under three sentences? What would you say?
  3. Do you use other places to write about books, aside from your blog?
  4. What do you try to add to your blog and writings that makes it personal?
  5. What is your all-time favourite quote and why?
  6. Do you stick to a specific genre? What does it signify for you?
  7. If you could meet one writer, dead or alive, who would it be?
  8. Is there a character that is a role-model for you?
  9. What do you think about the book-movie relationship? Do you like watching movies based on books you like?
  10. What is your attitude toward graphic novels?
  11. What is writing to you?





  1. Thank you so much for your answers to my questions Jeannette. I found your comments on the inspirational nature of literature to be especially moving. You expressed that so perfectly. I appreciate your honesty and your enthusiasm in your replies!

    Liked by 1 person

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