“Batman: The Dark Knight, Vol. 2: Cycle of Violence” by Gregg Hurwitz


(Author: Gregg Hurwitz) + (Year: 2013) + (Goodreads)


Now this is a great Batman comic book! I loved this volume a lot more than I did The Long Halloween(click for review). Both the writing and the art were amazing and the story was much more clear and while not exactly straightforward, it explained many things in the spread of one single volume.

Character-wise this was a very interesting read because it both showed a more complicated view of Bruce Wayne in terms of him not only being damaged by his past but trying to find ways to overcome it and at the same time having an actual struggle with his present personal life, something I’ve found lacking or completely non-existent in other Batman stories, both comic and movie.

But I also loved the villain of Cycle of ViolenceScarecrow. I saw him for the first time in The Dark Knight movie but I don’t remember them ever following up on that cameo that he had as a character. In this novel, however, he was great. His personality was explained with flashbacks to his past and there was more to him in terms of motivation and methods.

What I was not as fascinated with was that the volume ended without much of a closure for the children we were previously shown and who were the catalyst of the entire plot.

Aside from that, The Dark Knight: Cycle of Violence was a pretty good Batman story which gave me hope that I can still develop a liking or at least an interest in him as a hero.



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