“Wolverine: Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar


(Author: Mark Millar) + (Year: 2009) + (Goodreads)


This was recommended to me strongly by my comic book guru boyfriend so I knew from the start that chances are big that I will like it. And I did! A lot.

Right off the bat I should say that I haven’t exactly been in the Wolverine fandom, despite having seen all of the movies that include him. That means I wouldn’t have decided on my own to start this volume at all. But ultimately the story is great! It’s different from other things that I’ve read and especially, despite my limited experience with it, it’s also different from all the other superhero novels I’ve picked up. I thought a world where superheroes are either dead or in hiding is a pretty intriguing place to read about and offers a lot of possibilities for a series to follow.

Logan, as a character, continues not to tickle my fancy. I get annoyed with characters who are ALL doom and gloom without a speck of humor and that is how the Wolverine was depicted in this one. (Which also means there is a version of him out there that I might actually enjoy.) Nevertheless, I think that in Old Man Logan Hawkeye totally stole the thunder. But the entire character palette and the authors’ view of a possible post-superhero-apocalypse world was very interesting. I was really impressed with where some of the characters ended up and what’s most…

… I was extremely interested of the events which started the entire world of Old Man Logan. As far as I understood it, there is not a book which shows how the superheroes fell but I think that would be an amazing read. Because even though they summarized what happens with the major characters, many things were left unexplained and I can only imagine how that would look in detail as a separate graphic novel.

And the Mad Max style America was also very interesting set for the events of this volume. The depiction of cities, names and events was just fantastic. I can fully appreciate something when I see it was as well thought through as Old Man Logan was and provided so many small but significant details.


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