“I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1” by Skottie Young


(Author: Skottie Young) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)



I read the first issue a couple of months ago and while I enjoyed it, I was not sure whether it will be my cup of tea in the long run. (review of issue #1) But ultimately, I’m really happy I got this entire volume because it turned out to be great!

I Hate Fairyland tells the story of Gertrude, who becomes stranded in Fairyland because she cannot find the key to the portal back to her world. In the course of the 27 years she spends in Fairyland as a child on a quest, she goes completely mad and utterly vicious.

The first thing that is a great contribution to the story is the art itself, because the drawings look appropriate for a children’s book, very cutesy and not in any way realistic… except that they are also gory and full of blood and guts. The great plus to this is that it adds to the stark difference between Gertrude the child and Gertrude the raving psychopath.

All of the jokes are fantastic and the sarcasm is top notch. All of the characters are also immensely funny, from Gertrude herself, to her Fairyland guide Larry, who is fed up with life to unbelievable lengths, and queen Cloudia, who is a classic bitch. I also loved Happy – while Gertrude is practically a villain, Happy was the hero type that we usually read about. Only reading from the villain perspective, we were able to receive a totally new experience. Which begs the following response to the authors:


Verdict: I enjoyed I Hate Fairyland so much! It’s a great mix of humor, grotesque and parody and the entire thing is not to be taken seriously, but to be read for many, many laughs. 


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