“Orphan Black: Helsinki” by Graeme Manson & John Fawcett


(Author: Graeme Manson & John Fawcett) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)


I stumbled upon this on NetGalley and, being a fan of the show, decided to give it a try. I’m disappointed that, unlike all of the other comic books they provide, this one was incomplete and therefore, I could not read the ending, which has also affected my rating. I might change it once I actually know how the story ends.

Now, for those who are not familiar with the TV show Orphan Black, it is great! The main story revolves around a group of clones and includes a lot of drama, action, thriller and also some comedy.

That being said, I expected the same level of fun from Orphan Black: Helsinki, and it did not disappoint. I enjoyed thoroughly the new characters/additions to Clone club and reading about project Leda and Rachel was also lots of fun. Rachel, as a character, was herself, her usual bitchy self. Among the clones we saw, Veera was very interesting, although I did not fully get why she was such a big and personal issue for Rachel. I also enjoyed reading about Niki and her posse, but again, as I could not finish the volume, I didn’t get whether Suvi was her monitor.

Out of the entire variety of events, I loved the 9/11 the most. It had a huge significance to the entire story and was a clever twist in the particular events of the volume.

As for the art: I did not dislike it per se, but I had a hard time deciding whether certain characters are part of the clones until it was otherwise proven by the narration or the characters’ statements. Jade and Niki, for the most part, were very hard to distinguish as clones. Rachel was the easiest one, she had the biggest resemblance to Tatiana Maslany. And if I was not aware of Helena as a character from the show, I would definitely not realize that she was also a clone.

Recommended? Yes. But first watch the show, it makes all the difference. And it’s awesome.


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