“Batgirl, Vol.2: Family Business” by Cameron Steward


(Author: Cameron Stewart) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)


Although enjoyable, this volume definitely does not live up to the first one. (review of Batgirl, Vol.1 over here).

The graphics are still very beautiful and great to look at (this is important especially in comparison with the graphics of volume 3, which I’m not so crazy about). And I also kept having lots and lots of fun with the characters, their attitude(at least that of most of them) and the entire setting and the look of the book.

However, the biggest let down for me were the villains. I thought the majority of them were pretty weak and they did not really interest me, nor did they make me feel like they are an actual threat. There was not even some spectacular culmination to the volume. What exactly is bothersome about a lady who has two tigers and makes them attack people. Sure, death is death, but in the superhero world, that is very unremarkable.

I still like Batgirl as a character very much and will continue the series, I’m not disheartened! Among the others, I think Dinah’s presence could have been nice. I have issues with Frankie, she is very pushy and she has no respect for Barbara’s wishes. Superhero-wanna-be sidekicks are a thing, but very few that I have read about so far have been this obsessed with it and this insistent when their superhero friend is clearly against it.

Overall, I hope we’ll see some fresh faces in the next volume and some more serious villains. The story about Barbara’s nightmares is shaping up nicely enough so far.


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