“Blood Stain, Vol.1” by Linda Sejic

Blood Stain Volume 1

(Author: Linda Sejic) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)


*** 3.5 stars ***

“Somewhere in the asscrack of the Mediterranean…”

This was a lot of fun! Definitely not what one would expect from a title and a cover such as these, but Blood Stain is a great parody.

Elliot Torres, the main character, is in search of a job after a series of failed attempts(we see hilarious flashbacks of her previous jobs) and she stumbles upon a flier saying that a lab assistant is needed. Her future boss is a weird Frankenstein type of character, who I suppose will turn out to be a big softie.

The entire book is very funny(warning: 30% of this volume is sketches and extras and is not part of the actual story), the characters are definitely comic relief and I don’t think they should be taken too seriously. Elliot herself is sometimes slightly annoying and not just slightly lazy, but so am I, so I found this even funnier.

I found the artwork very interesting and different from the things I have read so far. There were attempts at focus in some of the panels, which is not the usual comic book method. Also some of the characters’ bubbles were leaking which was funny.

Considering that only about 80 pages out of the entire volume are part of the story, you can assume correctly that it did not go much of anywhere, but I think the humor makes up for that and I’m definitely looking forward to the next issues.


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