“The Paul Street Boys” by Ferenc Molnar

The Paul Street Boys

(Author: Ferenc Molnar) + (Year: 1907) + (Goodreads)

(Around the World: Hungary)


I think that my age is above the target group of this book, but that surely did not stop me from enjoying it. To a certain degree. That is, knowing beforehand that it’s a children’s book, I was a bit shocked by the ending.

However, the style of the author as well as the setting and topic are lovely. The atmosphere is very consuming and the entire book can be finished in one reading, easily.

I was not aware of how old The Paul Street Boys actually is, and yet it did not strike me as such. It could have been set in any given time period and it would not have mattered. Because this is a book about values and values do not have an era.

It was a lot more than I expected to read – meant for children and yet able to speak to grown ups as well, because the ideas of courage, leadership and dedication will never get old and that is what this book is about. The characters all have their childish treats, yet they all possess a set of values which can be envied. Or maybe that is exactly what the author was trying to say, that in children we can find things that we ourselves have lost growing up. There were, of course, negative characters, and even they had dignity and honor.

The language was mesmerizing. The author paid attention to so many tiny details, the entire picture he presented to the reader was so intricate and delicate, I was truly delighted by his style. Not having experienced the 20th century Hungary, for obvious reasons, I still did not have any problems imagining the world of the little characters.

Overall, a lovely read, despite the sad ending. I don’t feel like going into that, but be prepared for it.


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