“Kış Masalı(Winter Fairytale)” by Esra Barın

Kış Masalı

(Author: Esra Barın) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)

(Around the World: Turkey)



I can’t believe that I even managed to read this steamy pile of crap. Violence against women, tons of misogyny, “the woman’s place is in the kitchen” and “I like you because you are so pure and untouched”(translation: you are a virgin, therefore I think you are great).  And all of this, written by a woman. Ms Barın, you should be ashamed of yourself. You just put women into every XV century cliche that we have been fighting so hard to get out of, through education and defending the right to not be a doormat.

If you want to learn exactly what happens in this book that bothered me so deeply, please continue reading. And since I strongly advice you to NOT read it, I even more strongly encourage you to just take a peek at this summary. Plus, since I don’t think this horrifying thing will get translated in English anyway, I think my non-Turkish speaking friends might be interested just to see whatever happens in a Turkish romance novel. But for the Turkish people who might actually decide to read this, I put this warning anyway:


  1. Sinemis finds a boyfriend. In the course of a week they are saying “I love you” to each other. Because she is very pure(translation: she’s a virgin).
  2. Sinemis’ neighbour tells her she looks pretty. Therefore the boyfriend, Ali, goes to the neighbour and beats him up and trashes his house.
  3. Ali promises to apologize and Sinemis is like “Kthnx I ❤ u”
  4. Sinemis is almost attacked by a dog and the neighbour puts his arm around her to shield her. Ali, who is stalking her regularly in front of her house, sees that, decides they are hugging and beats up both of them, the result of which is Sinemis’ purple face. (I’m not joking)
  5. Sinemis breaks up with Ali. *about time* She starts researching him and finds out he beat up his ex girlfriends and carved his name with a broken bottle on the back of one of them, among other things, including all types of verbal, physical and sexual violence.
  6. Therefore, Sinemis decides to hear Ali out. He tells her his parents didn’t love him because when he was a child he punched his mother’s pregnant stomach until she had a miscarriage and they had to remove her uterus. (I’m still not joking)
  7. Sinemis forgives Ali. He had a tough life. (not a joke)
  8. They are once again in love.
  9. … but because Sinemis is a virgin, everyone wants her and is in love with her. Therefore, she gets kidnapped by her horny hot teacher. She gets saved but he claims he raped her.
  10. Sinemis violently refuses to go to the gynecologist to have her hymen checked. I repeat, violently. Because going to the gynecologist is apparently disgusting, disturbing and degrading.
  11. Ali dumps Sinemis because she may no longer be a virgin. The end. (okay, I might be joking here. Sinemis thinks he dumped her because she might not be virgin, but I’m pretty sure he left because he overheard her reading a journal entry from that one time she hated him where she said he does not deserve her love because he is a psychopath, and he got too upset to listen to her read her final journal entry where she says that she loves him more than life and she was wrong when she wrote the previous entry. Because stalking your girlfriend, eavesdropping on her, sitting in front of her building to see when she will turn off her lights and going to clubs to check out whether she dances are all normal.)

I’m dead serious with this review.


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