“Wytches, Vol.1” by Scott Snyder

Wytches, Vol. 1

(Author: Scott Snyder) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


This is F*****G amazing. I’m sorry, but that’s exactly how Wytches should be described. With every next comic book I read, I get more and more excited, and so far this is the best one. Marvel 1602 was fantastic, but the characters are also well known, the approach is creative, but the story is one that we all know well – superheroes saving the world.

Wytches is a different thing altogether. Inventive, creepy and astonishingly drawn. I absolutely loved every single panel and the techniques they used to finish the images.

The idea about the wytches themselves and the story are superb. The events keep you on edge and you can’t help but flip the pages. I wasn’t even expecting to finish the book so fast, but it draws the reader in and holds their attention until the end.

The covers of each issue/chapter are UNBELIEVABLE. No other word to describe it. They are just fantastic. I have no words for these:

The characters are also very intriguing. While the main character, Sailor, was my least favourite, all of the supporting characters were very interesting and weird on their own. I was especially interested in Sailor’s father, whose behaviour was very self-contradicting and… well, interesting to follow. The wytches were extremely creepy and worthy of being villains, even though even more could have been seen of them.

READ WYTCHES, my dear friends!


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