“Marvel 1602” by Neil Gaiman

Marvel 1602

(Author: Neil Gaiman) + (Year: 2006) + (Goodreads)


Never heard of it? Have no idea what it is? No problem. You are missing just one of the most fantastic things in pop culture. Now let me explain:

Imagine if all of the coolest Marvel heroes were born in Elizabethan England, Nick Fury was the queen’s chief guardian, Doctor Strange was her personal physician, the Maximoff twins were working for the Inquisition, Professor X was gathering the prosecuted mutants, who everyone thinks are witchbreed.

And all of that written by Neil Gaiman.

Did you imagine it?
It is fantastic, right?

When I read Gaiman I sometimes experience a little bit of disappointment, but since this is the first graphic novel of his that I read, I think that this is also his forte and I really want to find Sandman now.

It was absolutely amazing to follow the characters, see how their identities are revealed, most of all Captain America. Though I also really disliked him, to be honest.

The entire book was very interesting, witty and full of twists and turns and little surprises and entirely too pleasing for a fan of the abovementioned superheroes. I’m also not disappointed I found  Marvel 1602 so late, because if I hadn’t developed such love for these characters, I might not have appreciated it as much.

The drawings were also great but what I enjoyed the most out of them were Scott McKowen’s covers, which are absolutely amazing and I loved reading the afterword about his techniques.

Overall, Marvel 1602 is a must-read for all fanboys and fangirls, don’t miss it.


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