“William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope” by Ian Doescher

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope (William Shakespeare's Star Wars, #4)

(Author: Ian Doescher) + (Year: 2013) + (Goodreads)


My last finished book for 2015, with a review coming a bit late.

I loved this. Ian Doescher is a genius. I can only imagine the dedication he has to both Shakespeare and Star Wars in order to be able to write an entire series like this. But it works!

The book was hilarious and very interesting to read. What I had a lot of fun with:

  1. R2’s dramatic monologues.
  2. All of the hidden jokes about the chemistry between Luke and Leia.
  3. The creativity of the author as a whole.

To me it seemed kind of random to see a Star Wars/Shakespeare mash-up but the note by the author at the end was also important to read, so don’t skip it, guys.

What underwhelmed me was how pathetic Darth Vader was. I fully realize that this is a parody of sorts, but I imagined him more… manly, I guess is the word.

(However Luke and the scull was just a great moment.)

This book is appropriate for all types of geeks and especially ones who fall in both the Shakespeare and Star Wars nerd groups. 


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