“The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick

The Minority Report

(Author: Philip K. Dick) + (Year: 1956) + (Goodreads)


I’d heard so much about Philip K. Dick but this is the first book of his that I actually got to read. In one of my classes he was the main topic too often for me not to find something of his. I kind of expected that the hype would be bigger than the actual greatness of Dick’s works. But I’ll be the first one to admit my mistake.

I actually liked The Minority Report so much, that I chose the movie as my exam topic. The movie and the book are extremely different. Aside from the very basic idea of Precrime, most of what happens in the two is so different. That’s why I can’t judge them in comparison to one another. The movie was nice because Spielberg is a great director. Everything inside the frame in that movie is so carefully chosen that it’s art.

The book is much more wonderful in terms of the story. Shorter, of course, but a much bigger challenge when it comes to analyzing it. I’ve been thinking about predestination and self-fulfilling prophecies ever since I finished it and I still can’t decide if the ending was just meant to be or a choice which really could have been influenced. I think the same topic is very much black and white in Greek mythology, the “motherland” so to say, of self-fulfilling prophecies. In this book Dick puts a lot more effort if not to answer, but to make US answer for ourselves whether free will exists at all or not.

Overall I still don’t have a full picture of his writing, though. The Minority Report is interesting and very clever and Philip K. Dick’s creativity is undoubted, but I can’t say it keeps you on the edge. Therefore, I think I need to read at least one more of his works, preferably an actual book, to decide what I think of him as a writer.

Do I recommend this? Yes.
Do I recommend the movie? Also yes. Much different, more suspenseful, more thought-through, I guess, in terms of a back story, good, but in another way than the book.


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