“The Newsmakers” by Lis Wiehl

The Newsmakers

(Author: Lis Wiehl) + (Year: 2016) + (Goodreads)


Another interesting-looking book from NetGalley which didn’t live up to its potential. And I didn’t even know what I had in store for me, and therefore had medium expectations.

The Newsmakers did not suffer from bad writing or a poor story, it suffered from the indifference I felt toward the characters. Ultimately none of them were people I thought I could care for, even Erica, whose story is explained in great depth. It just didn’t do it for me.

I can’t say that this was the best writing I’ve seen in my life, but I’ve also seen way worse – in terms of storytelling. There was intrigue, but not nearly enough suspense and I knew what was going on from the very beginning. In the scene with the ferry I considered two possibilities:

  1. That this is a supernatural book, which, however, I didn’t remember reading in the symmary;
  2. Or that it was going to end exactly as it did.

I win, I guess.

Despite the quantity of information we get on Erica, we learn so little about all of the other characters. They just… are. Their motivations are not explained in depth and that is especially important about the main villain, who is not characterized by anything than just being a psycho. Okay, but… why?

The Newsmakers is not nerve-wreckingly slow and lacking development so I guess if you are looking for a short afternoon read, you could give it a chance. I would look for something else though.


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