“The Strasbourg Legacy” by William Craig

The Strasbourg Legacy

(Author: William Craig) + (Year: 1976) + (Goodreads)


I remember watching Enemy at the Gates when I was very young and it had left such a huge impression that I re-watched it a couple of years ago and I loved it once again. That in mind, when I was invited to review The Strasbourg Legacy, I was very excited.

The book, however, did not live up to my expectations. At all. It had none of the chilly suspense from Enemy at the Gates. It was short and not very inspired. The plot was bland, it lacked any considerable plot-twists and cliffhangers. Actually, nothing much was going on at all. From the beginning of the book you know what’s going on and at no point does it make you bite your nails with excitement. Nazis are trying to overtake Germany during the Cold war. The end. As the reader expects, the coup d’etat attempt is thwarted. Nothing new under the sun.

My biggest issue was with the characters themselves. And their utter lack of personality. There is a huge group of unremarkable men with virtually the same behaviour and to top that off, they all have similar names: Corcoran, Clemens; Bleemer, Brandt, Bormann.

Not to mention that between the Germans, the Russians and the Americans we have to pick a side. And the good guys are… Well, the Americans, of course. Like the American army never did anything horrible and atrocious. They are doing nothing but saving the world. NICE TRY.

And whatever happened with the Israelis in this book? Their assassin was killed and they decided to just say “Okay then, in this case we have no more to fight about in this book?” That’s very likely. Yeah.


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