“Tre metri sopra il cielo” by Federico Moccia

Tre metri sopra il cielo

(Author: Federico Moccia) + (Year: 1992) + (Goodreads)


I watched the Spanish adaptation of this book and I honestly thought it was one of the best teenage romances I’ve seen. It was well made and the actors were all very fitting for their roles.

But I never really gave too much thought to reading the book. I knew it was translated in Bulgarian but I never saw a translation in English which was one of my reasons to not be too excited about reading the book.
After all, I got the book in Bulgarian and now I’m not sure what to think. It’s possible that I read a really, really bad translation, but it’s also possible that the author has a very childish style of writing.

What I can say from my overall impression of Tre metri sopra il cielo is that the overall idea of the book is good but the execution is lacking in many ways.

1. I’ve read that nobody in Italy wanted to publish the book so the author paid for the first edition out of his own pocket. I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly true and that he was paid by companies to advertise their products because the entire book is a GIANT ad. It is mentioned, and unnecessary so, what EVERYONE is wearing – the brand of each pair of jeans, each pair of sunglasses, the perfumes, the motors they are driving, their sneakers, their shirts, the places they go. It’s worse than The Best Movie Ever Sold and that’s the actual point of that movie.

2. All of the people in the book are so superficial and there’s no shame in it. The guys who spend their entire days and inheritance in the gym are glorified, the girls stand around and sigh and that’s accepted as pretty normal, it’s good to ruin stuff, to be mean, to fight. I kind of have the feeling that in the Spanish movie they added a little bit of integrity to the characters for which I’m very glad.

I can’t say that I don’t like the storyline though. If you remove all of the really bad elements, namely the two I stated above, it’s a classical tale most girls fall for. It’s a tried recipe, Moccia definitely didn’t invent anything, but it’s still nice, especially for a girly girl like me. I admit, I can be bought with a love story like this one.


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