“Miss Wrong and Mr Right” by Robert Bryndza

Miss Wrong and Mr Right

(Author: Robert Bryndza) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


This was a very adorable little book, I admit I enjoyed it. It’s my first touch with Robert Bryndza‘s work, but as I see, his Coco Pinchard series seems to be quite the hit, so I’m considering getting my hands on the first book.

Overall, this is you typical British love comedy. I’ve already written about it months ago, but British comedies just have a different feeling about them. As you can probably guess, we have a female main character who has issues in her love life, she is trying to keep it together but she is constantly thrown into funny and ridiculous situations which she barely gets out of and usually almost cost her her friends, her career and/or the guy she’s after. I could apply this formula to absolutely every book of this genre that I’ve read and it wouldn’t be wrong.

That doesn’t mean that the book isn’t enjoyable, though. It’s a perfect light summer book with some very comical situations in it.

The thing which I sort of didn’t like was that, despite everything, I had a hard time finding the soul of the book. The main character was not as likable as I would have hoped and the guy that ultimately won her wasn’t the one I would have expected and it didn’t seem entirely believable.

But there was an awesome grandmother, Anouska, to make up for everything you might not like in the book. She was an absolute blast. I laughed the hardest at her scenes. I wouldn’t say that I’m as adventurous or as free as she is, but her humour certainly reminded me of my own.

If you want to chill during the hot summer days, this book is a great choice!


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