“Righteous” by Kim Lehman


(Author: Kim Lehman) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


What an unfortunate coincidence. I read this book yesterday and again today. Only yesterday it was called Lying Out Loud.

What we have is: a main character who stands out, has trouble making friends, has problems with authorities, has a deadbeat dad, a mom who’s in a constant search of love and is therefore paying almost zero attention to her daughter, also a friend who’s willing to dismiss all of these things, a boy from out of town, etc etc etc.

Of course, there are differences, but honestly, it’s too much alike. It’s an actual coincidence that I read these two books one after the other, but it happened and it left me even less thrilled by Righteous.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Righteous(actual name), friends call her Ria: she’s in her last year of high school, comes from a broken family, causes trouble, doesn’t like her name – in other words, meet Sonya, goes by Sonny, is a character in Lying Out Loud.

I feel a bit ashamed to write this review twice in a day. Everything I said about Lying Out Loud applies to this book. I’m going to quote myself, as obnoxious at that is:

But with time the characters in LOL became flawed in different ways and their flaws lead to them being sort of unpleasant. Sonny(which FYI is a way worse name than Sonya) seemed like someone with multiple personalities, her actions were completely nonconsecutive, even towards the people she supposedly loved she’d act rude and weird and then go on and on about how much she loved them. Huh?! (…) And Ryder was the craziest of all. I kept expecting that I’d get some insight as to his way of thinking but nothing really happened. He was a total jerk to Sonny, then after one forced conversation, BAM everything is forgotten.

As I said, some things were different here, but it wasn’t much better. Ria and Colt’s relationship was so annoying, none of them seemed to be able to express what they were feeling and every time they tried, something happened and they… didn’t.

The entire story of the book was sort of nonsensical and seemed made up with the entire purpose of giving the characters something to do. The whole story with Colt started and ended too abruptly and it became obvious by the lack of actual development, that it wasn’t that important to the writer. I think the point of the book were the characters themselves and especially Ria, but I was still not too excited by the way the whole thing was executed. It didn’t seem realistic, that much drama exists only in the name of making a certain character a victim in order for the same character to become a victor afterwards. Nothing more than that. Because in order to show how someone develops, you need to show them in a tight spot and getting out of it.

Not impressed.


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