“The Haunting of Sunshine Girl” by Paige McKenzie

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

(Author: Paige McKenzie) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


I had a very love-hate relationship with this book. It earned as many stars as it did because it was, as every character just loves saying, simply creepy.

Pros: The setting is really interesting and the writing really comes through in the scary parts. This is the first book in my life that has made me feel like I’m actually seeing a horror movie enfold. I’m not easily scared by movies since I’ve been a fan of the horror genre for as long as I’ve been allowed to choose which movies I want to watch. And therefore, a book can creep me out even less. The last time I was as freaked by a book as this time, was when I was reading The Lord of the Rings, the part about Moria. And LoTR can hardly be called a horror story.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl captures the scary masterfully, the tension rises gradually and you find yourself waiting for a ghost to pop up next to your bed to play some Monopoly.

(As a side note I would like to mention that during Sunshine’s first encounter with Anna, my lights went out. Right as I was reading about ghostly giggle and words, whispered in the night. That was a scare!)

Cons: Sunshine’s name. Strangle it and make it suffer. No one should be called something as stupid.

The Jane Austen melodrama. Neither is Sunshine anything like a JA character, nor is McKenzie anything like JA herself. She’s trying really hard to make it happen. CONSTANT references do not help the situation, it’s a bad case of the wannabe. And let’s face it, Sunshine is not an easy character to like, she’s a prude and from the way she describes her style, I’d say she looks like a beggar in my imagination. I’m telling you, Sunshine, Mr. Darcy wouldn’t fall for Elizabeth if she was wearing somebody’s old smelly sweaters 5 sizes too big.

The verdict: Despite the annoying main character, it’s a good horror book. Creepy mom, mysterious occurrences, ghosts and demons, etc. If anything, it did give me chills.


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