“Confess” by Colleen Hoover


(Author: Colleen Hoover) + (Year: 2015) + (Goodreads)


Maybe I didn’t like this book as much as I should have… I only ever hunted it down because of the big hype and I felt slightly let down. Honesty, I have really mixed feelings.

My overall opinion is that, problems aside, this book offers an interesting story, lovely writing and colorful and lively characters, despite some of them being very hard to like. The premise is interesting and very, very inspired and original. As I already mentioned, the writing is nice and easy and the book is a very fast read.

There is one thing about this book that is brilliant: the idea about the confessions and the art that goes along with it. If I were an artist, I’d totally pick up the idea and do the same. It’s really ingenious and the author wins many kudos for coming up with something as interesting and fantastic. Much of my admiration goes to the artist, of course. The artwork was very memorable and distinct. I absolutely loved the very first painting and also the one of Auburn. The Adam painting though… I get the idea but the whole sculls-and-roses thing was a bit over the top and very corny. I have a notebook with the same theme, which I hate for the very same reason: it’s SO, SO cheesy and I really love my stationary.

I found Auburn to be a very interesting character. Most of the time I really liked her for her charm and level-headed-ness and for the fact that she is both naive and very determined. What I really didn’t like about her was how easily she was controlled by Lydia and Trey. Never having been in her position, I can’t say that I know what she went through, but it just seemed to me that she could give a bigger fight and they would not trample her. However, for this, I mostly blame her parents.

I know that many would say that the most horrible characters were Trey and Lydia, but I really think that the absolutely crappiest characters were Auburn’s parents. The mere fact that they never appear in the book is evidence enough for that. Also, the fact that they saw fit to breed 5 times, more than they could really take care of, and then when one of their children was in need, they gave her the boot, let her move in with another person and never saw fit to have a relationship with their grandson, which points to the fact that they didn’t really visit or bother or anything. And if they had been behind Auburn’s back, do you think Lydia would have been able to be so cruel to her? I think not. So, sometimes it’s not the visible monsters that do the biggest damage, is it?

OMG(the most obnoxious initials in the history of literature), or simply Owen, was not an easy character to like. I think the first scene I had even a sparkle of hope for him was when he meets AJ(why was it never explained what that stands for?). For the better half of the book I… well, I sort of hated his guts. First of all, the first chapter from his point of view consists of many thoughts which I’d attribute to a serial killer. He acts suuuuuuper creepy. Not to mention that his inner monologue on the topic of his ex Hannah is the most annoying thing that I’ve ever read. He is so mean and full of himself and seems to think he is so much better that everyone, especially Hannah, who we only see through his narrative so I can’t honestly be convinced that she is that bad, and also, it’s really unsettling that a female author allows her male character to humiliate a female character like that, it’s not ethical.

After Owen’s encounter with AJ I started approving of him in some was and he also started not being as creepy and serial-killer-y, so I guess by the end of the book I was about 70% into him, which is a great improvement in comparison to the beginning.

The difference between “I will love you forever. Even when I shouldn’t.” and “I’ll think about last night forever. Even when I shouldn’t.”

Or, why did the romance seem so phony to me for about 41% of this book. First off, you can’t be as broken up by being stood up as Auburn was, when you’ve known a guy for the sum of the time from an afternoon to about 12 AM. YOU JUST CAN’T. Tell me whatever you want, fate, love at first sight and I don’t know what else, but they spent about 8 hours together and she moped about it for three weeks. IMPOSSIBLE. Therefore a great part of the romance in this book seemed quite phony to me. Only proved by the fact that one of the relationships in the book was fuelled by love and another, though stated otherwise, really did seem to be a great chunk of sex and then some comfort that only broken up people can give to one-another.


The whole time Auburn never found out that Owen knew her from the hospital(which by the way was so transparent, knowing that his dad spent all that time in coma and so on and roughly at the same time Adam was dying in the hospital, so was anyone mystified as to where Owen knew Auburn from?). She also never found out about the painting. We also never would have. Accept they put a picture of it in the book. Which lead me to the question, is Auburn really actually retarded??? Well, is she? Because from one look at that painting I knew it was made by the same artist. Come on, he uses the same background on every single picture, do you mean to tell me that Auburn can look at all of Owen’s painting and not notice that this is one of them?

On the topic of being obvious, was the baby supposed to be a secret? Because she mentions having sex with Adam and in chapter one she’s talking to a lawyer about some sort of a battle which is the result of documents she signed and then you already know that she had a baby. The only question is whether she gave it up to adoption or did Adam’s mom take it. Soon enough we got the answer to that too. Some authors  should really work harder on  not giving away their main surprises.


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