“Geek Girl” series by Holly Smale

(Author: Holly Smale)

Geek Girl  {Year: 2013 + Goodreads}
Model Misfit  {Year: 2013 + Goodreads}
Picture Perfect  {Year: 2014 + Goodreads}


Meet the lovechild of Shopaholic’s Becky Bloom and Josie from Love and Other Foreign Words – Harriet. She is a know-it-all, loves to share unnecessary information with people, loves to study and no matter what she does, accidents happen and everything has to hit absolute rock bottom before it gets better. Since the last part was something characteristic for Becky Bloom as well, I’d say that it’s a trend in British literature, at least I haven’t read any American books in which there is so much dramedy.

I can’t really say I was impressed by this series. I’ve read far worse books so maybe the rating of 3 is a bit less that it should be. Sadly, I’m sticking to the GoodReads rating system, meaning I can’t give half stars, otherwise I would rate this a s a 3.5.The Geek Girl series are short and easy to read, funny and relaxing.

( l o v e d ) There were some fantastic recurring characters too: Robert/Dad, Rin, Wilbur and Annabel, though out of the four, she was my least favourite.

– I would like to say that despite being a bit childish, Robert is such a cute father. I don’t think I’ve read about a more likable father, who is not a main character(can’t actually think of a main character too, but I want to point out that usually dads with secondary roles are either absent, or assholes, or absent assholes). I was positively squeeing each time Harriet and her dad have a father-daughter moment.

Rin was absolutely adorable and I honestly think she was really badly treated by Harriet. In all of her travels she was trying to make friends and the ONLY girl, aside from Nat, who actually treated her good was completely ignored. I see it like: Harriet wants to make a friend and the moment she’s secure that Rin is actually her friend, she feels no need to pay any additional attention to her. Not to mention that Harriet only has eyes for Nick, but more on that later.

– I recently started watching a Turkish soap opera/comedy called Kiraz Mevsimi(The Season of Cherries) and it’s about a girl trying to make it in the fashion business and she meets a super famous designer’s male assistant called Olcay. Bang! Wilbur. If you haven’t seen the show, you are most likely not going to be able to get this, but it’s him, it really is. The way that Olcay acts and speaks, it’s all so Wilbur, except that Olcay is sort of evil.
Also, I find if very endearing that Wilbur is always there for Harriet and is so very accepting of her.

Annabel is annoying most of the time. But there are moments, such as the end of Geek Girl, when she really comes through and I love her for it.

( l o v e d ) Big part of Model Misfit is set in Tokyo and despite the fact that I mostly hate Harriet’s constant blabber, I really loved the information she provides about Tokyo and for the first time in my life I felt this giant desire to go there. My favourite author is Haruki Murakami and one would’ve expected that just based on that I’d have already put Japan on my bucket list, but promoting Tokyo’s beauty has never been a part of Murakami’s books and it too me until now to see the city in such a light that I gained this immense desire to go there.

( m o s t l y  d i s l i k e d ) Harriet. First off, I don’t see what’s there to brag about being the “one and same person” with someone. I’d feel really offended if someone told me that I’m the same like someone else. Harriet is proud of it though – somewhere in the first ten pages of Geek Girl. What I also don’t get is this fixation with absolute losers as main characters. In YA fantasy the female characters are completely perfect little snowflakes and if anyone ever want’s to do them harm, it’s only because they are jealous. In normal YA, though, the girls are always… well, geeks.

I remember a few years ago it was fashionable to fat-shame girls. Now people like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and whoever-Traynor have turned the tables and girls are being skinny-shamed. Same goes in literature – people who want to be normal and accepted by their peers, are being made out to look like posers, bullies and ultimately either faceless idiots or monsters. I assume this is to make all of the people out there who think they are losers feel a bit better about themselves because in the books they read only geeks can be good and everyone else is bad. How about this: why don’t we try to NOT make anyone feel bad about themselves??? I mean, enough is enough. It’s always black or white. If you’re not a geek, than you are stupid for not being ~special~ and different. What if I want to have friends and want to read books? What if I have a boyfriend and NOT have Asperger’s? It would do wonders if everyone tried to be nice, instead of preaching for everyone who’s not a loser to be chastised. Because, honestly, I’d tell Harriet to shove it too. To everyone who thinks I’m being rude, do please think about this: do you really, really like it when someone is non-stop talking and talking and talking about stuff that you really don’t care about?

The moments when I did not in fact hate Harriet were the ones where she was sad. I felt protective. So maybe my feelings towards her are of an annoyed older sister. I hate her but I love her.

( d i s l i k e d ) How Nick is like a normal scoundrel for 90% of the book, meaning he is acting like a real boy, the ones that are everywhere and are not made up, and in the last 10% he turns into a saint and bless his soul and so on. In real life he’d just stay an ass. Too bad these books are so optimistic, otherwise Harriet would never become his girlfriend. I mean… she is described by multiple characters as having a lazy eye. I’m not saying that I like bad-Nick, I’m just saying I’d tolerate him more if he were a bit more realistic. I’d give Smale brownie points for keeping it real.


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