* Rating System *


I loved it! It made me care, it made me feel part of the story. The writing was beautiful. The characters were realistic. It had a point, a purpose, a moral, values.


Awesome. I had some problems. The characters may have been shallow or the writing might not have been perfect. But it was still very enjoyable, it wasn’t just written for the heck of it. I probably wanted to love it but a little something was missing. Or I expected it to be really bad and it came as a nice surprise, in which case it can gain bonus points just for proving me wrong.


The hardest rating to give. I was either expecting much more or much less. Maybe there were many flaws but I still liked the story or something in it.


It’s really bad. But I’ve read worse.


GET AWAY FROM THIS BOOK. It’s absolute and utter crap. It’s stupid, pointless, boring, weird beyond words, gives you WTF moments way too often. The characters are idiots, the writer is an idiot or a prude, I could not care less about what was going on.


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